Top 10 Historical Events We’ll Never See Again

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 Friday, November 30, 2018 - 4:45:07 PM
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Most people tend to be obsessed with historical firsts. Firsts are usually obvious, but we can never be sure when an event will be the last one of its kind. History can always repeat itself, but the following 10 events will almost certainly never be seen again.

10. Eugene Cernan – Last Apollo Astronaut to Walk on the Moon

9. Janet Parker – Last Person to Die From Smallpox

8. Charles Carroll – Last Surviving Signer of the Declaration of Independence

7. Rainey Bethea – the Last Person to be Executed in Public in the United States

6. Cleopatra VII – Last Egyptian Pharaoh

5. Adrian II – Last Married Pope

4. Last Prisoner to Leave Alcatraz

3. Last Day of the USSR

2. Last Death in WWI

1. Elizabeth Dean – Last Titanic Survivor

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