The Hidden History Of The Human Race

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 Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 3:43:07 PM
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Mersin, a large city and port on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey, with some extraordinary ancient ruins. Named after an aromatic plant Myrsine, a genus of the myrtle plant family, a plant which has a deep and mysterious historic relationship with humans, still found to be growing in abundance in the area. Excavated by John Garstang, who managed to examine 23 levels of occupation at the mysterious ruins. The earliest dating which he was presumably permitted to purvey by his funders, were dated from 6300 BC. According to academia, the ancient fortifications found at the location, were put up around 4500 BC, with the site, like so many others we have covered over the past 2 years, abruptly abandoned at some point within antiquity. That although obviously due to a cataclysmic event far before 4500 BC, is a date argued by funded academics worldwide. Our recent video explaining our own conclusions of this being due to natural, cyclical solar activity… Subsequently triggering volcanic eruptions which in turn triggered great floods & a possible Ice-Age. it seems, struck a chord that some do not want resonating. With it being aggressively dismissed by a volley of objections, coming from several directions and sources, our own thesis, based upon personal exhaustive and detailed exploration, often accompanied by our own personal discoveries at sites the world over, discoveries never before made or indeed publicly shared. Often intriguing connections linking these ancient sites with each other. Our theory regarding their demise however, has been attempted to be dismissed, seemingly en-masse, in favour of a comet impact, with most of mainstream media, including nat-geo and indeed the Smithsonian, not forgetting a certain suspiciously successful you-tube channel, which we shall not mention the name of, who we now perceive as controlled opposition to our own hard-earned discoveries, and conclusions thereof, releasing a volley of opposing claims shortly before, and immediately after our own release of information, surrounding our solar hypothesis. This released within our video concerning Atlantis being that of the prediluvian world, rather than a single continent, with these mainstream entities pushing an opposing theory in unison, relating to a conveniently timed discovery of a comet impact crater in Greenland. Additionally, we also believe we have unraveled, after some contemplation, their motivations for attempting to conceal solar activity as being the original causation. Yet we will leave it up to you to decide why these ancient sites worldwide, were seemingly all abandoned. The focus of this video however, is not solely regarding the recent attack we witnessed upon our work, regardless of the mountain of evidence we have surrounding solar activity, it does not regard the Neolithic’s worship of the sun, a culture we have long postulated, were a surviving fragment of this once highly advanced civilisation, or rather, what we now perceive was an obsession with the observation of the sun, due to fearful memories, rather than that of worship. But rather the uncanny advanced, as yet, unexplainable architecture which can be found dotting Mersin and indeed the world. With Polygonal masonry being one of the most easily recognised characteristics, a characteristic for all you amateur explorers out there to use, to easily identify sites as prediluvian, littering the site it is a sophisticated unexplained form of masonry, that is also found within Peru, Egypt, Greece specifically the Necromanteion, uncannily similar in style may we add, although many other Greek sites such as Delphi, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Lebanon and so on… Evidence that has seen funded institutes scrambling to push specific opinions upon inquisitive minds. Regardless of whether we now realise the motivation behind the attack on our channel, undoubtedly being due to the fact that we are certainly onto something, regardless of Poseidon’s trident, the undeniable links of this symbolic weapon with modern day destroyers, whether physical nuclear threats, or spiritual depictive clues, indicators of specific human capabilities, not placed out of mockery but a nod to those in the know, that if you watch our previous video carefully, will realise strongly supports our theory regarding the Atlanteans, Plato’s clue, and academia’s awareness yet concealment of such realities. However, the fact that it seems we must now tread carefully regarding the truth of ancient earth, we do not find concerning, for indeed, we have long expected this reaction, a consequence we predicted would occur once we started to get close to a truth, a truth hidden by profiteering, rather, we find it all, to be, highly compelling.


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